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Fully Insured Carve-Out Programs

shutterstock_90980498Do you have clients looking for “laser” protection from high cost or unpredictable conditions?

Are you looking for products to enhance your clients risk management capabilities?

If so, carve-out programs can provide cost predictability and can allow the health plan the ability to trade unknown, high variable and expensive claim costs for known costs.

The frequency and cost associated with Transplants and Kidney Disease has risen dramatically over the past ten years.  Since lasering has become a predominant solution to reducing Stop Loss carriers’ risk exposure, many self-funded plans have turned to fully insured “carve-outs programs” as a means for an employer to transfer financial obligation for a specific healthcare condition to a third party.

With a carve-out insurance program, risk is transferred on a “first dollar” basis as soon as a covered participant is diagnosed or identified as needing a specific service covered by the carve-out program.

In addition to the transference of risk, the fully insured carve-out programs address the high cost associated with these conditions by providing specialized case management and network access and in doing so produce quality patient care with the best possible outcomes.

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