Helping your clients manage risk

without risking their management.



How Your Client Wins with the McEvilly Group

trophyWhen your client accepts or renews stop loss coverage arranged through the McEvilly Group several valuable qualities are immediately brought to the table:

  1. As an entity we bring 26 years of hands on expertise and experience directly related to dealing with and resolving each of the potential issues previously described in addition to;
  2. Arranging stop loss coverage which is properly underwritten and insured through financially sound A or A+ carriers and which include all of the necessary bells and whistles and consistently priced as competitively as expert common sense underwriting allows given the specifics of each case.

An important question for those who produce and/or administer self-funded business:
Do you have both the time and inclination to deal with and help resolve the potential issues previously described?

If you do, is it possible that our many years of proven expertise and experience combined with the leverage we have earned with each of our carriers over a long period of time might be just the crucial backup you may need to resolve one or more of these issues on behalf of your client?

If you do not, could it not be truly beneficial for both your client and you to take advantage of that same expertise; experience and leverage to allow the McEvilly Group to advocate on behalf of your client and you? That is what we do!